Month: July 2017

Moss Adams

Moss Adams, located in the metropolitan area of Richland, Kennewick, and Pasco, specializes in agribusiness, offering a wide range of audit, tax, and consulting services tailored to growers, processors, packers, suppliers, and related enterprises. We also specialize in serving clients in construction, industrial manufacturing and distribution, technology, wine (including vineyard operations), and health care.

The wine industry faces significant business challenges: rapid industry consolidation, unprecedented levels of international competition, changing consumer preferences, and increasingly complex risk management issues. We’ve been there every step of the way as advisors to more than 300 wineries and vineyards across the United States. Each has its own unique challenges and we’re eager to help find the right solutions.

Here are some of those time-consuming challenges that we can help with:

– Environmental, labor, and safety regulations

– Competitive industry intelligence

– Effective management of growth and opportunity

– Financing and lender relationships

– Financial reporting and financial planning

– Federal, state, and local taxes

We serve more wine clients than any other CPA firm. As the nation’s largest wine accounting and consulting practice, we stay ahead of critical issues by immersing ourselves in the information stream and playing an active role in the industry. Our goal is to help equip your business with the fundamental financial and operational strength it needs to grow and thrive so you can focus on what you love most—the art of creating great wine. Learn more at


Flavors are created and nurtured in the vineyard.  – Kent Waliser, Director of Vineyard Operations

When we first purchased land for planting vineyards in 1968, nobody knew for sure which, if any, grape varietals would grow. Also, we didn’t know how to grow them. Our founders plowed ahead with vision, grit, and not much else. A slew of stumbling blocks nearly killed the dream.

Today, over 40 years and 1,100 acres later, we have five full-production vineyards supplying grapes to northwest wineries both big and boutique. In those five vineyards—Sagemoor, Bacchus, Dionysus, Weinbau, and Gamache—we have a storied history of anecdotes, characters, more than a dozen grape varietals, plus variable soils, weather challenges, and a few, ehhh, quirks.

We know where and how grapes are grown will define the final product. From our founding fathers through today, we’ve staked our lives and land on the belief that great wine starts in the vineyard.



Karma Vineyards

Karma opened it doors August 10, 2007 and established itself as the first Methode Champenoise house in the Lake Chelan AVA. Located on the beautiful South Shore; owners Julie and Bret wanted to maintain the agricultural feel to the 70 acre estate. In doing so, they decided to build an underground wine cave. This allowed for a substantial building with very little impact on the neighbourhood and surrounding vineyards.

This 3,000 square foot facility was the perfect answer for temperature control, as it rarely fluctuates much past 55 degrees. As the winery grew, the wine cave became a very popular choice for private parties and weddings.

The acoustics are dynamite, some even think it makes the wine taste better!