HB 2699: Exempting Alcohol Manufacturers From the Food Storage Warehouse License

Through a series of audits, a discovery was made that alcohol manufacturers are considered “food” for the purposes of a Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) food storage warehouse license. The license costs $200/annually and includes inspection of the warehouse to ensure proper sanitation is taking place to protect the food from any potential harm to the consumer.

WWI contacted WSDA and, through a series of discussions, explained why alcohol storage does not pose a risk to the consumer and therefore does not belong under this license. WSDA agreed that the warehousing of product produced by alcohol manufacturers does not pose a risk and helped draft legislation to remove our industries from the license and inspection requirement.

HB 2699:
• Exempts alcohol manufacturers and distributers licensed under RCW 66.24 from the WSDA issued food storage warehouse license
• Removes a $200 annual cost on these business that is agreed between WSDA and the industry to not be necessary
• States that the exemption only applies if alcohol is the only product being stored in the warehouse