Breve Consulting

Breve Consulting
Breve Consulting

Partnering with wineries to provide actionable analysis, industry insight, and results-focused strategies.

Wineries are uniquely challenged in today’s marketplace. The needs for awareness, recognition and growth are often directly tied to funds for sales & marketing, which are precious. A national sales manager would be a welcome addition for most, but the salary requirements make such a move a non-starter. Increased national distribution is a logical next step for growth, but where would one begin such a process? Perhaps the winery is being overlooked altogether and there’s a branding and/or marketing problem.

Breve Consulting believes all of a winery’s needs are eminently solvable and they understand that every expenditure needs to be carefully weighed. With that in mind, Breve Consulting offers consultant services ‘a la carte’ in order to meet the most pressing goal with efficiency. There is no interest in constraining a winery’s time or finances with bundled services or contracts.

Breve Consulting’s areas of practice include:

Branding and Messaging
Visual Identity
Market Analysis
Product Mix Evaluation
Media and Relationships
DTC Revamp
FOB Restructuring
Distributor Relations and Acquisition