Workplace Safety Program

An Accident Prevention Program (APP) is the foundation of your overall safety and health program and will help you document and organize your safety procedures. All employers are required to create and follow an APP and keep it up to date.

Create a Workplace Safety Program

Your business may also need other safety programs based on your workplace hazards. Review the links below for additional safety and health programs required based on workplace hazards.

Safety Training Materials for Small to Mid-Sized Washington Wineries

This booklet focuses on the safety topics most small to mid-sized wineries should consider including in their Accident Prevention Program. The topic outlines have been streamlined from the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries’ (L&I) standards, have been adapted specifically for wineries, and have received rigorous review by L&I. Sample safety forms and supplemental information are included to help you augment or establish your winery safety program.

Labor and Industries Topics

Washington State’s public health emergency proclamations for COVID-19 ended October 31, 2022; however, COVID-19 is still a recognized workplace hazard that employers must address.

Employers are legally required to display 3 free L&I posters in their workplace to inform employees of their rights and responsibilities. Do you have remote employees who don’t come to the workplace? You can send the posters to them.

Workers are protected by laws and rules covering workers' wages, working conditions and overtime pay.

To view additional L&I information for business on Safety and Health, Claims, Insurance, and Licensing and Permits click here.

Get in Touch

L&I’s Safety Consultation Program offers confidential, no fee, professional advice and assistance to Washington businesses. These services can help you find and fix hazards in your workplace and strengthen your safety program.

L&I's Small Business Liaisons Contact Info

Toll-free: 1-800-987-0145

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