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Our Work for the Industry Benefits Every Winery

The Washington State Wine Institute is the vocal, active, visible advocate and champion of the Washington State wine industry in Olympia and Washington D.C. We work through a collaborative approach including partnerships that advance shared industry goals.

As a member, you receive:

  • Direct access and participation in shaping Washington wine law through WWI's full time, professional lobbyist
  • Quick information, guidance and support in legislature and regulatory issues that will impact your business
  • Attendance at WWI member exclusive events, such as legislative receptions, annual meeting, WWI Board of Directors election and more
  • Opportunities to showcase your wines at events attended by the Governor, state elected officials and business leaders from across the state
  • A venue to discuss industry issues and concerns with our state's leading wineries, legislators, and WA state's Liquor and Cannabis Board
  • Regular and timely news updates via the WWI website, Facebook, twitter, and e-newsletters
  • Access to WWI membership benefit programs that could save you hundreds to thousands of dollars
  • Peace of mind that WWI is working on your behalf to fight business barriers, protect your assets and allow you to do what you do best...produce premium Washington wine

Join the hundreds of wineries, growers, and suppliers in Washington State that have chosen to have their voices heard and work together to propel the growth of our great industry by becoming a WWI member today!

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Associate Member

The Washington Wine Institute (WWI) is the statewide nonprofit trade association for the Washington State wine industry. As Washington State’s wine industry grows by leaps and bounds, we have been working tirelessly to protect against new taxes and regulations on wineries while at the same time passing laws and evolving outdated regulations to allow for Washington wineries to successfully grow and expand their businesses.

The Washington State wine industry has grown over the past 30 years into the second-largest wine producing state in the country, behind only California. This evolution has happened for many reasons, and one reason we are confident in is the partnerships and investment that have formed through our wineries and our associate members. We are reaching out to invite you to join our growing Association and gain access and exposure to our wineries across the state.

As a WWI Associate Member, some of the valuable benefits you will receive include:

  • "Associate Member Spotlight" specialized attention in WWI's monthly e-newsletter that goes to hundreds of decision makers in wineries across WA
  • Access to WWI membership benefit programs that could save you hundreds to thousands of dollars
  • Advertising/Sponsorship opportunities at WWI Events/Meetings
  • Stay up-to-speed on the legislative and regulatory world of WA wine by receiving our WWI e-newsletters
  • Link to your business on WWI website

We are in exciting times as both a world-class wine producing state and as the Association working hard each day to provide our wineries with everything they need to be successful. We would be honored for your consideration in joining us as an Associate Member and investing in the Washington State wine industry’s leading not-for-profit Association.