WA Wine Specialty License Plate

Washington now has a wine license plate!

Washington lawmakers passed House Bill 1530 in spring of 2022 to create this specialty plate, after 4,000 Washingtonians signed a petition in support. The Washington Wine Institute, in partnership with the Washington State Wine Commission, worked directly with Rep. Kelly Chambers, and lawmakers in Olympia to pass this legislation. WWI testified alongside state leaders and the regional tourism industry in strong support of this bill, and helped to distribute the widely received petition throughout the Washington wine industry. The new plate is available for purchase as of November 1, 2022.

“We are honored to have helped pass this legislation, and excited to see thousands of Washington wine supporters showing their love of our industry through this license plate,” said WWI Executive Director Josh McDonald. “And, revenue goes directly to tourism, which is a critical investment towards our industry’s future success.”

WWI is thankful for the incredible energy and hard work of prime sponsor Rep. Chambers, the tourism industry for pushing alongside WWI to get the bill done, and every WWI member and Washington winery that signed the petition, sent requests to their wine clubs and colleagues to sign the petition, those that signed in with support on the bill throughout the legislative process, and all other efforts that got HB 1530 to the finish line.


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Your wine specialty plate order helps support State of Washington Tourism. Honor Washington's wine industry by requesting a new wine license plate today!

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The Washington Wine Institute's efforts to support the creation of this license plate were made possible by membership revenue and unified wine industry goals. If you are a winery that wants to help support efforts like this, Covid-19 relief, wine tax reform, and much more, consider becoming a WWI member by signing up here. Your membership helps further WWI's advocacy efforts for our wineries and other wine industry members in Olympia and Washington D.C.

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