Jess Zander


Jess Zander, Owner, Upper Left Craft Co.  She began her professional life in education, taking wine classes for fun before realizing that working with children wasn’t nearly as fun as wine, and switched industries.  Jess continued her studies with the International Sommelier Guild and, after a brief stint in fine dining, started working with Fidelitas in 2008.  Her first focus was on the Fidelitas Wine Club and Direct to Consumer Sales.  As the business grew, so did her roll, and Jess accepted the General Manager position in 2014.  In 2020, Jess left Fidelitas to start her own adventure helping all WA wineries.

Jess holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Washington.  A Seattle-native, Jess makes the Rainy City her home with her husband and two daughters, while traveling frequently to sunnier Red Mountain.  She loves the integration of work and home life that comes with small business, and is often seen with a kid in tow in the cellar or vineyard.  Jess enjoys cooking and entertaining at home, and will escape on a mini-vacation whenever possible.

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