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WWI 2024 Virtual Annual Membership Meeting

Jun 26 10:00 am

free to members only

Wednesday,  June 26,  2024
10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. via virtual meeting

We invite members to join us and industry partners including WineAmericaCalifornia Wine Institute and WineDirect, to hear the latest on direct-to-consumer sales trends, consumer and policy-focused wine messaging, and legislative and regulatory updates impacting your winery.

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WWI 2024 Legislative Session Review

The Washington Wine Institute will provide an in-depth update on successes and challenges during the 2024 legislative session, detailing any major topics impacting the wine industry, including:


  • .05 BAC: A bill to lower the state’s blood alcohol concentration level for driving from .08 to .05 was again introduced for the second consecutive year. Washington Wine Institute’s leadership along with a coalition of partners in the hospitality and beverage industries, resulted in this bill failing to receive enough support to pass the Senate. We continue to encourage support from all WA wineries by becoming WWI members in preparation to build our messaging in opposition to this bill next year.
  • EPR and Bottle Deposit Program: An effort to overhaul the state’s waste management and recycling systems to create an OR-style beverage container return system died on the House floor due to strong opposition from stakeholders.
  • Emergency Permit: Creates temporary retail space sharing for wineries/breweries/distilleries in times of man-made or natural disaster emergencies.












WineAmerica 2024 Federal Laws and Rules Updates

This year’s meeting will focus on some complex topics currently facing the wine industry including nutritional labeling, ingredient labeling and music licensing for your winery and wine events. We will also have the latest on the Farm Bill and USPS shipping.

Michael Kaiser, WineAmerica

Tara Good, WineAmerica

Please take a moment to think about any questions or concerns you might have around these topics as Michael Kaiser and Tara Good of WineAmerica will be present to address them during the Q&A portion of the meeting. You may also include any questions you have on the sign up form here.

2024 Direct-to-Consumer Sales Analysis and Key Strategies

Analyzing Q1 2024 direct-to-consumer sales data, this presentation highlights Washington wineries’ successes compared to other regions and identifies areas for improvement. Kari will offer actionable strategies for wineries to enhance their performance and achieve a strong finish in the second half of 2024.

Kari Scott, WineDirect

An Introduction to the New Initiative Engaging Wine Consumers

Honore Comfort, California Wine Institute

During a time of increasing headwinds for the wine sector, the California Wine Institute (Wine Institute) is undertaking a significant initiative to develop a new narrative for the wine category for both consumers and policy makers. The focus of the initiative is to engage with younger LDA consumers as well as communicate the positive and unique aspects of wine to government stakeholders. Wine Institute is looking for WA, OR, and NY to join them in tackling these challenges.
Hear from Wine Institute Vice President, International Marketing Honore Comfort on the efforts to reach consumers and Vice President, Federal & lnt’I Public Policy Charles Jefferson on the policy side of this initiative.

Charles Jefferson, California Wine Institute

We are allotting five minutes of Q&A for each speaker. If you have a specific question for any of our speakers you want to make sure is addressed, please include them on your registration form prior to June 26.

The annual membership meeting is a Washington Wine Institute member benefit. Any wineries, partners, or suppliers to the industry that may be interested in attending and are not currently members may be referred to Membership and Programs Manager Marie Schurk at marie@wwi.wine. Thank you!


A big Thank You to 2024 meeting sponsors



Jun 26
10:00 am
free to members only


Washington Wine Institute