0.05 BAC Bill Does Not Pass 2024 Session, WWI Preparing for 2025 Opposition

We are pleased to report that our strong advocacy on behalf of our members and pushback on SB 5002, the .05 BAC bill, alongside the Washington Hospitality Association, Washington Brewers Guild and other stakeholders opposed to the policy, resulted in the bill failing to receive enough support to pass off the Senate floor this session and will not be considered further for 2024. We continue to be vocal that the Legislature should focus on how to combat high BAC drivers and repeat DUI offenders instead of considering an approach that will not get at the problem but instead do extreme damage to our state’s wineries, restaurants, brewers, distillers, and more. We will continue to ask the Legislature to work with us towards solutions that make a meaningful impact.
This said, make no mistake, we expect a .05 BAC bill to be introduced in the 2025 session. WWI needs all our members’ support as we continue to get stronger and better equipped to push back as your Association. If you have not renewed your 2023-2024 WWI membership dues yet, we would be grateful for your help in getting those paid soon so we can plan on what resources we need to best represent our members next session on a .05 BAC bill as well as all difficult legislative proposals. We also humbly ask for our members to reach out to your network of fellow winery owners/operators to join WWI, helping us become stronger and better equipped for the 2025 legislative session.
For any questions or support with membership needs, including dues, contact our Membership and Programs Manager Marie Schurk at marie@wwi.wine.