Auction of WA Wines
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Jamie Peha
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The Auction of Washington Wines is Washington State’s only non-profit wine event that has been around for 30 years. We are ranked in the Top 5 U.S. Charity Auctions*, and have raised over $37 million since our inception in 1988.  Our focus is on elevating the awareness of Washington State wines through a series of events over a weekend in August. Proceeds benefit the wine industry and local community.

*Wine Spectator, April 2017

Cascade Valley Wine Country
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Madeline Nelson
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Cascade Valley Wine Country begins in the north at Lake Chelan, the longest lake in Washington and travels through Wenatchee, “Apple Capital of the World”, and winds up in the west at the charming Bavarian village of Leavenworth, where the “Willkommen!” sign is always up. The region’s terrain varies from mountains to valleys and forests, providing a world-class wine growing region with endless opportunities for scenic vistas and outdoor adventure.

Columbia Gorge Winegrowers
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Debby Mudler
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Less than 60 miles east of Portland, America’s most unique AVA features wild beauty, traffic free touring and relaxed tasting rooms. With an amazing diversity of grapes grown from Albariño to Zinfandel, come discover our “World of Wine in 40 miles” for yourself.

Lake Chelan Wine Valley
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Jason Morin
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Lake Chelan is the 11th AVA (American Viticultural Area) in Washington State. This designation is an appellation of origin granted by the Federal government (more specifically the TTB). An AVA is a area with unique climate, soil and physical features that distinguish it from surrounding areas. The idea is that what is produced within an AVA is specific to that place and would not be the same grown somewhere else.

Our AVA status was granted on May 30, 2009 because the Lake Chelan Wine Growers Association petitioned the TTB for this designation. It took more than four years to accumulate all of the geographic, historical, geological, climatic, and soil information and put that through the rigorous federal process. A great deal of work and energy was put forward in accomplishing this momentous status and our growers and winemakers in the valley are quite proud to be acknowledged in this way.

Our AVA is quite easily described in terms of boundaries. It encompasses the southernmost and easternmost areas of the lake and the surrounding land that are at or below 2,000 feet in elevation.

To make it a bit easier to understand, the AVA begins with the town of Chelan and continues up lake for 12 miles. From an elevation standpoint, you are in the AVA if you could dump a bucket of water and it rolled towards Lake Chelan.

North Central WA Wine Country
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Becky Bates Driscoll
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Welcome to North Central WA Wine Country

The powerful Columbia River flows through North Central WA Wine Country as it arches against the eastern foothills of the Cascade mountain range. On the sunny side of the mountains, we are able to grow vineyards and orchards heavily cropped with luscious fruit, on the fertile soils in our Wenatchee Valley, Quincy, Ellensburg to the Okanogan and every community in between.

Spectacular views connect the wineries of the North Central region of Washington Wine Country. As you gaze upon the mighty Columbia you are reminded of the vast geological and humble human history that surrounds our growing region. We have been growing fruit in this valley since the turn of the century and would like to share our stories with you.

We are proud that our wines consistently earn awards and high marks for their quality. We invite you to enjoy the sunshine and the passion of family winemakers who create fond memories in your heart and tasty wines for your table. If you have questions or would like more information, please fill in the form below. North Central WA Wine Country

Olympic Peninsula Wineries Association
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Vicky Corson
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Olympic Peninsula Wineries is a collaboration of eight award winning wineries and cideries located in Sequim, Port Angeles, Nordland, and Port Townsend on Washington State’s beautiful Olympic Peninsula. Our wine trail is one be envied with each location offering a unique and diverse variety of wine & cider, paired lovingly with local, season delights!

The Olympic Peninsula Wineries are a group of hands-on owners/winemakers committed to handcrafting excellent, award-winning Washington wines. Each of our Olympic Peninsula Wineries offer visitors friendly hospitality and a unique, memorable experiences. Owners/winemakers are often available to personally pour for the visitors in their tasting rooms and to answer questions.

Oregon Winegrowers Association
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Jana McKamey
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The Oregon Winegrowers Association advances and protects the investments of its members. Harnessing the power of state-wide consensus, the OWA stands as a vital advocate for the health, growth and economic sustainability of Oregon’s wine grape growing and wine production community. The OWA is the only statewide organization speaking on behalf of Oregon’s vineyards and wineries to decision-makers in Salem and Washington, D.C. to ensure the community’s continued success.

The OWA is funded through voluntary membership dues and provides legislative and regulatory advocacy, legal guidance, regulatory compliance updates and cost saving solutions to its members.

Red Mountain AVA Alliance
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Lara Hastings
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The Red Mountain AVA is located on a southwest-facing slope in south central Washington, a three and one-half hour drive from Seattle. At 4040 acres (1,635 hectares), this is the smallest, warmest wine-grape growing region in Washington. It has a unique combination of diverse geology, gentle south slope, consistent winds and notable heat profile. A complex mixture of the most rare and highly valued soil types in Washington was created by wind-blown silt and sand over glacial outflow. The AVA’s red wine grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah are highly prized for creating wines of superb concentration and depth, which consistently earn critical acclaim.

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TVW’s History and Mission
The Stage is Set for TVW

The final decades of the 20th century saw many changes in news coverage of government and politics. C-SPAN blazed the trail for unedited gavel-to-gavel coverage of government deliberations when it was created in 1979 to cover the federal government. During the 1980s and 90s the federal government transferred many major policy decisions to the states – yet, at the same time, television news departments were making sharp cuts in their coverage of state government and politics, to say nothing of local/national politics.

TVW’s Founding and Guiding Principles

TVW was founded in 1993 and went on air in 1995 offering unedited coverage of Washington state government, politics and public policy. TVW was started and continues to operate on several founding principles:

– Open government: Government belongs to the people of Washington, who deserve complete access to the workings of their state government.

– In-depth, nonpartisan coverage: Both with its unedited “gavel-to-gavel” coverage and its news reporting TVW seeks to go beyond the soundbites; tell stories in elected officials’ own voices; stay meticulously nonpartisan; and let viewers make their own decisions about the issues.

– Civics education: We work to educate Washingtonians of all ages about their state government, and invite them to engage and participate.

Walla Walla Wine Alliance
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Heather Unwin
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Our valley is a beautiful oasis amid the vast sagebrush desert that rolls across most of America’s northwest interior. The name Walla Walla means “many waters,” and it highlights the rivers and aquifers that provide so abundantly for those who discover this place—from the earliest native peoples and French fur trappers to Oregon Trail pioneers and Victorian wheat barons. For each wave of arrivals, the Walla Walla Valley presents a remarkable agricultural bounty.

Washington Non-Profits
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Nancy Bacon
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As the state association for all nonprofits, Washington Nonprofits makes sure nonprofits have what they need to succeed through learning, advocacy, and collaboration. We envision a strong, united nonprofit sector that is a valued partner in creating thriving communities across Washington.

Washington Wine Industry Foundation
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Lacey Price
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The Foundation is a network of growers, winemakers, goods-and-services providers, and wine-lovers with a shared vision: a thriving Washington wine industry. Because this vision is too big for any one person or organization to own, the Foundation’s board and staff work to build relationships, create partnerships, and facilitate collaboration to make our vision a reality.

The Foundation is unique as one of the industry’s few 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. This enables us to build, steward, and distribute funding for the industry in a way that others cannot. We take this responsibility and opportunity very seriously, and so commitment, stewardship, and sustainability are our highest values.


Washington WineGrowers Association
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Vicky Scharlau
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Enhancing the industry for  growers, vintners, partners and policymakers.

Advocacy – Promote an environment beneficial to our members and the broader industry.

Education – Create pathways for growers and vintners to optimize their business through knowledge and understanding.

Connectivity – 
a. Facilitate opportunities for members and the broader industry to network;
b. Provide partners and policymakers access to the industry; and
c. Generate ways for members to effectively communicate issues.

Governed by a board of nine directors, elected by peers to three-year terms, the organization is funded by membership dues and proceeds from the annual convention and trade show held each February, as well as other educational events throughout the year.

Wine Yakima Valley
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Barbara Glover
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Located in the southern center of the state, just across the spectacular Cascade Mountains from the metropolitan areas of Seattle and Portland, this magnificent Valley is home to more than 40 wineries and over one third of the state’s vineyards. The region boasts of over 11,000 acres of premium wine grapes.

The foothills of the Cascade Mountains form the western boundary of the appellation with the area extending east to the Kiona Hills near Richland. Its northern border follows the crest of the Rattlesnake Hills and the southern edge traces the 1000-foot contour line along the Horse Heaven Hills to the Toppenish Ridge. Interstate 82 forms a convenient route for visitors to tour the many wineries scattered throughout the Valley’s landscape, which offers a rich diversity of microclimates, rugged hillsides, and wetlands.

The sunny slopes of the Yakima Valley foothills provide the perfect growing conditions for producing intensely flavored, balanced and complex wines such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Riesling, and Syrah. Long sun-drenched days and cool evenings in this desert climate yield bold, hearty, and luscious world-class wines.

Woodinville Wine Country
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Amber Schmitt
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Woodinville Wine Country is a mere 30 minutes northeast of Seattle, but it might as well be the other side of the world. This small, scenic valley is where the fruit of Eastern Washington meets the vintners, chefs and flavors of the Pacific Northwest. It’s a delicious crossroads of winemaking, microbrewing, fine dining, and the people who pour their heart and soul into them. Explore, experience and enjoy!