Updates to Rules for Dogs in Wineries

The WA State Department of Health recently updated the Food Code, which includes updates for dogs in food establishments including domestic winery licenses (wineries) and outdoors at food establishments (beer/wine restaurant license). Here’s a quick overview of the changes:

Outdoor eating areas

Restaurants that allow dogs in the outdoor serving area need to:

  1. Submit a plan to their local health department and get approval in advance.
  2. The dogs must go directly to outdoor area.
  3. The outdoor area that allows dogs can’t be used for food or drink preparation.
  4. No service ware storage or dish washing is allowed in the outdoor area.


The Legislature passed a law with new rules for establishments like winery tasting rooms that don’t have food production and have a limited food selection. For these establishments:

  1. A pre-approved plan is not required.
  2. Signage is required saying dogs are allowed inside.
  3. You must provide notice to your local health department.

Our friends at the WA Hospitality Association partnered with the Dept of Health to put together this short video explaining the changes.