No wine taxes!

During a challenging Session with tax increases on the table, taxes on wine were not increased!  As you know, in this deficit year where the Legislature has booked $800 million in new revenue, it was our top priority to stave off tax increases on wine.

Unfortunately, some of our friends in the beer industry did not fare as well.  Despite strong advocacy and leadership from their representatives, the Legislature imposed a 50 cent a gallon increase on beer (microbrews exempt), which results in about a 28-cent increase on a six pack.

Grocery Store Sampling Allowed

The Wine & Beer Grocery Store Sampling Bill was signed into law by the Governor! This bill, that will allow grocery stores to obtain a permit from the WSLCB to conduct tastings in their stores, has been a long time coming, first introduced in 2007, then morphed into a pilot and now finally on its way to becoming law. It’s been a lot of work with some terrific partners– the grocers, breweries, distributors and our wonderfully supportive legislative sponsors. As we’ve said all along, we strongly believe that if WA consumers have the opportunity to taste your wines, they will buy them.  We’re also pleased to report that our amendment to allow wineries to pour and participate at the tastings was included in the final version of the bill.  The bill went into effective on June 10, 2010.