Delivered to Governor:

SHB 1742- Growlers of wine
Allowed a domestic wineries to sell wines of their own production at their winery or tasting room in sanitary containers (growlers) filled at the tap by the seller.

ESHB 2680-Caterer’s License
Established a new caterer’s license that allows the holder of the license to take orders for, serve and sell spirits, wine and/or beer in any part of the licensed premise, if the event location does not already have a permit to sell liquor. There is an annual license fee of $200 for wine, $200 for beer or $1,000 for wine, beer and spirits.

ESSB 5045-Wine or Beer in Day Spas
Created a permit that would allow a day spa to serve one glass of wine or one beer, free of charge. Defined day spa as a business that offers at least three of four types of services: hair care, nail care, skin care and body care. The fee for the permit is $125 per year.

SB 5310- Senior Center License
Created a liquor license for nonprofit senior centers to sell spirits, beer and wine at retail for on premise consumption. The fee for the license is $250.