Delivered to Governor:

ESSB 5596- Winery off premise private event permit (WWI legislation)
Establishes a new permit for wineries that will allow for off-premise, private events where a winery may deliver previously sold wine, provide tastings of their wine, and sell wine for off premise consumption. The permit costs $10, must be applied for 10 days prior to the event, and is capped at 12 permits per winery each calendar year.

SB 6057 – B&O tax incentive extension for food processors (WWI Priority Legislation)
Extends a B&O tax incentive till 2025 for food processors’ (wine among others) sales made outside of Washington State.

HB 1004 – Allowing wine tastings by students
Allows for student tasting of wine 18-21 years old at state and regional universities (joining community and technical colleges) that are in a viticulture or enology program. Students in a sommelier or wine business class that are 18 years and older are also authorized to taste wine under this new privilege.

SHB 1124 – Providing samples of wine or beer for on premise licensees
Allows on premise licensees (ex: restaurant) to provide a free, 2 oz sample (not to exceed 6 oz total) of wine or beer when requested by a patron 21+ years old.