California Bottle Bill Begins January 2024

Starting January 1, 2024, the California Beverage Container Recycling Program will expand to include wine and distilled spirits. The California Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Reduction Act, known as the California Bottle Bill, will require updated labels for all wine bottles which include recycle value messaging and some sort of state identification. The program will also require bottles refunds, mandatory recycling and reporting.

Even out-of-state wineries that sell wine in California must register for the program. If the winery sells through a wholesaler, then the process starts with the wholesaler. If the winery sells DtC, then the bottle bill states that the direct shipper permit holder is considered the beverage manufacturer and distributor.

– California-Based: California wineries and distilleries, and importers of wine or spirits into California, will need to register as a “beverage manufacturer.” They will also need to register as a “distributor” if they sell to retailers (whether on-sale or off-sale), restaurants, bars, or directly to consumers.

– Out-of-State: Out-of-state wineries and distilleries with a California Wine Direct Shippers Permit, and that sell directly to California consumers, will need to register as a “beverage manufacturer” and a “distributor.”

Click here to find out what you need to do and for the link to register with CalRecycle as soon as possible for monthly payment and reporting requirements.

Please note there are two different start dates for what the new Bottle Bill requires of your winery.

– CalRecycle Registration and Processing Fee Start Date: January 1, 2024

– CRV Statements on Bottles Start Date: July 1, 2025

The Washington Wine Institute is hosting a webinar with law firm Foster Garvey to cover Bottle Bill requirements for Washington State wineries in January. Please be on the lookout for information on registering for this webinar in your email soon.