LCB Adopts MAST 13 Allowances

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) adopted rules January 31 amending multiple sections of rule related to alcohol delivery, outdoor alcohol service, and MAST 13 permit holders.

Effective March 2, wineries may allow 18-20 year old MAST holding employees to pour wine and beer away from the table and similar additional allowances for wineries during Covid-era operations after the Washington Wine Institute filed the CR 101 with the LCB one year ago and worked alongside WWI members to advocate for this change.

After this allowance expired in September 2022, the LCB received a petition for rulemaking that sought to amend WAC 314-17-015 and make this a permanent part of rule, allowing MAST 13 permit holders to pour beer and wine away from the customer’s table. In January 2023, the LCB accepted this petition for rulemaking. This rulemaking project began in March 2023, and was later combined with the SSB 5448 rulemaking.

WWI testified before the LCB January 24 on rulemaking we’ve engaged in over 2023 pertaining to alcohol to go/outdoor seating and MAST 13 rules initiated from the passage of SB 5448 in last year’s legislative session.

The rule also modifies allowances to outdoor alcohol service, which removes language to make clear that outdoor food service is not required for businesses that are not required to serve food indoors.

Concise Explanatory Statement


CR 103 filed as WSR 24-04-042 on January 31, 2024

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