Curbside Deliver and More Information For Wineries

We know this is a confusing time, and you continue to get new information regarding Gov. Inslee’s restrictions on tasting rooms every day. We are dedicated to distilling this information for you in a clear, concise and timely way.

As of today, Wednesday, March 18, here is what you need to know:


  • All wineries and tasting rooms must be closed for in-person tastings and events.

The following is permitted:

  1. Wine bottle/case sales to-go.
  2. Curbside sales and deliveries. Licensed wineries may immediately sell products to customers outside of their business, but within the licensed property line. This is a temporary allowance.
  3. All deliveries, including direct from winery to customer.
  4. Production activities.
  5. Wholesale activities.
  6. Returns of Alcohol.
    1. Due to the emergent circumstances, the WSLCB is providing approval for distributors to pick up product from businesses impacted by COVID-19, which includes the allowance for distributors to provide a refund for the returned product. This is a temporary approval until April 1, 2020.
    2. Retail licensees impacted by closures may contact their distributor(s) to request the return of product.
    3. Distributors should email Lieutenant Robert Knowles with the retail liquor license number(s) and product to be returned.