Healthy Washington Re-Opening Plan as of February 8th, 2021

Per the Governor’s office, we have learned that food must be made available on-site for indoor service in Phase 2. However, there have been significant changes to the guidance and three meal offerings are no longer required. Snack options (outlined below) and giving customers options to have food brought in or delivered to the winery will now meet the food criteria for indoor service in Phase 2.

Here’s the new food guidance for wineries:

  1. Food offerings must be provided on-site by the licensed business to customers, during COVID-19 business operations, until such time as full capacity in licensed locations is allowed.
  2. “Food offerings” means a combination of small serving food items to include a mix of hors d’oeuvre type foods, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, deli-style meats, chips, pretzels, nuts, popcorn, crackers, or similar items.
  3. Food offerings may be free-of-charge or sold.
  4. Food offerings may be prepackaged for individual sale and consumption.
  5. Food offerings may be prepared off-site for plating for the customer.
  6. Food offerings are not required to have warming, cooking, or heating off-site or on-site prior to service.
  7. In addition to the required on-site food offerings, the winery shall post, in a conspicuous place within any tasting room, a list of multiple local restaurants or food trucks where customers can purchase food for consumption in the tasting room. The list shall include names, addresses, contact information, and hours of operation for each restaurant or food truck named.

Puget Sound Region & West Region, as outlined in the map below, are currently in Phase 2 and are therefore permitted to offer indoor service with restrictions at 25% capacity.

At this time, all other regions remain in Phase 1, during which indoor service is not permitted. Outdoor & open air service is permitted during Phase 1, as outlined below.

Healthy Washington: Phase 1 and 2

Under these new phases, the following restrictions are in place for eating and drinking establishments:

Phase 1

  1. Indoor service prohibited.
  2. Outdoor and Open Air Service: 11pm close, maximum 6 per table, limit 2 households per table.

Phase 2

  1. Indoor service: 25% capacity, 11pm close. maximum 6 per table, limit 2 households per table, limit 2 households per table.
  2. Outdoor and Open Air Service: maximum 6 per table, limit 2 households per table.

See this chart for all of the restrictions in Phases 1 and 2.

Healthy Washington: Regions

The regions are mostly based on Emergency Medical Services (EMS) regions used for evaluating healthcare services. There are eight regions of four or more counties, divided according to available health care services based on metrics such as hospitalizations, case data and disease mobility.


Every region must meet three of the following metrics before moving to Phase 2, which you can read about in the full plan. The metrics for each region will be updated every other Friday.