Monday, February 15, 2021 – South Central Region can immediately move to Phase 2

At present time all regions of the state are now in Phase 2.

According to the Governor’s office, the reason South Central was not moved with the five other regions last week is because a hospital was incorrectly reporting its hospital admission data to the Department of Health. The hospital’s correct data made the entire region eligible to move to Phase 2.

Healthy Washington: Phase 2

  1. In Phase 2 the following restrictions are in place for eating and drinking establishments:
    Indoor service: 25% capacity, 11pm close. maximum 6 per table, limit 2 households per table, limit 2 households per table. Food/Snacks requirements as outlined here.
  2. Outdoor and Open Air Service: maximum 6 per table, limit 2 households per table.

See this chart for all of the restrictions in Phases 1 and 2.

Healthy Washington: Regions

The regions are mostly based on Emergency Medical Services (EMS) regions used for evaluating healthcare services. There are eight regions of four or more counties, divided according to available health care services based on metrics such as hospitalizations, case data and disease mobility.

Open Air Seating Guidance and Live Music

Outdoor & Open Air Seating Requirements

This document outlines the guidance for Open Air and Outdoor Seating Requirements, as updated on January 19.

Washington Wine Institute, Washington Brewers Guild, Washington Hospitality Association, representatives from the Liquor & Cannabis Board, Labor and Industries, and the Department of Health hosted a webinar to discuss the latest open air guidance for restaurants, wineries and breweries. You can view the webinar, recorded on January 22, here.

Live Music
Rules around live music and other activities in Phase 2 are finalized. WWI is working with the Governor’s office on how the guidance works specific to wineries. We hope to be able to share this update soon so you can resume live music ASAP.


COVID 19 Operations Best Practices

State leaders worked with Byron Marlow, Professor of Hospitality Management at WSU, to put together a comprehensive list of guidelines and suggested best practices for wineries. These best practices apply for both indoor and outdoor service.

  1. Washington Winery COVID 19 Reopening Requirements Guidelines and Best Practices.
  2. Washington Winery COVID 19 Supplement Response Operations Checklist.
  3. Washington Winery COVID 19 Supplement Response Posters.
  4. Voluntary Customer Log Template

This is an unprecedented time and we understand there are a lot of questions. Our goal is to streamline the collection of questions and capture them all in one place so that we can share your questions with the appropriate authorities and create a helpful FAQ for all wineries to utilize. We have created this simple form for you to submit your questions through, but always feel free to email us directly as well.

Reopening after COVID 19 FAQ’s


We will continue to work with our industry partners to provide updates and information to best support you during this time. We continue to focus our lobbying and similar efforts on hospitality-related assistance options during the 2021 legislative session.