WWI Successful in Amending Harmful Common Carrier Reporting Bill

HB 1389 is a bill supported by the national wholesalers that would require common carriers (like UPS/FedEx and local carriers) that ship alcohol to file monthly reports with the Liquor and Cannabis Board and Department of Revenue on all details (many very sensitive) of each shipment. WWI worked aggressively with the prime sponsor, Chair of the committee, and Republicans on the committee to alter the bill into something entirely different that might be more effective in getting at how we curb illegal alcohol entering our state. We are excited to share that we succeeded in amending the bill so our wineries’ ability to use common carriers to ship wine will not be harmed. As amended, the bill does the following:

• Removes the entirety of the underlying bill and directs the LCB to investigate illegal alcohol shipments made to Washington consumers and liquor licensees;
• Requires the LCB to include, as a part of its investigation, the extent of the illegal alcohol shipment problem in the state;
• Authorizes the LCB, if necessary, to: (1) work with stakeholders and determine the most effective means to address the problem; and (2) develop legislative proposals to stop illegal shipments of alcohol and enforcement against making such shipments; and
• Requires the LCB to submit a report with its findings to the Legislature by December 31, 2019.