SB 5788 “Omnibus Stakeholder Bill”

SB 5788 contained WWI language that:

  • allowed you to pay a reasonable booth fee to the charitable organization hosting the event for their coordinating services.
  • helped to alleviate the headaches associated with payment for your wine at the event.
  • instead of dealing with the now commonplace “check swap”, the charity is now able to pay you for your wine sold at the close of the event.
  • resolved an issue with Agents Licenses by making it clear in the law that wineries and their employees do not need an Agents License to sell their own wine.
  • helped WAWGG and other industry trade shows by adding a provision that will allow barrel vendors and other liquor related vendors to provide wine, beer or liquor samples at trade events for better analysis of their products.

SB 5173/HB 1227 “Corkage Fees”

HB 1227 and SB 5173 allowed wineries and restaurants to participate together in corkage waiving programs to promote local tourism. This legislation came about from a liquor board enforcement action that put a stop to the popular “Corkage Free Zone” in Yakima.

HB 1172/ SB 5029 “Farmer’s Markets Wine Tasting

The bill established a pilot program for beer and wine tastings at farmer’s markets.