WWI successfully protected our industry from any new taxes or regulations being placed on the industry during the 2017 Legislative Session

Delivered to the Governor

SB 1718 – Nonprofit Private Auction Permit
Creates a new permit allowing for nonprofits to host private wine auctions where Washington wine may be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Retailers, private collectors, and individuals from around the country are examples of those who may participate in the auction. Wine that is part of the auction may be sampled by attendees. This bill is a huge help to all of our regional wine associations, The Auction of Washington Wines, and other nonprofits who have struggled in past years with an intense amount of paperwork required with the past approach to hosting these events.

HB 1038 – Increasing the number of remote tasting room locations per domestic winery license
Increases the number of allowed remote retail tasting room locations (outside of the winery location) for a domestic winery licensee from 2 to 4 locations.