WWI successfully protected our industry from any new taxes or regulations being placed on the industry during the 2020 Legislative Session.


WWI authored legislation head to the Governor’s Desk:

SB 6392: Creating a local wine industry association license

We want to say a huge THANK YOU to Senator Kevin Van De Wege, our prime sponsor of SB 6392. His leadership and drive to get the bill done was invaluable.  SB 6392 creates a new retail alcohol license for local wine associations so our regional wine marketing non profits can put on events and execute local wine marketing programs (ex: wine passports) in a legal and efficient way.

Other bills headed to the Governor’s desk:

SB 6095: Allowing common carrier activities not prohibited under the three-tier system

This bill supports the Alaska Airlines Wine-Flies-Free Program among other promotional opportunities with airlines, cruise ships, and trains that cross state line. Interstate common carriers can now legally partner with local wineries, breweries, distilleries, and distributors to do cross-tier advertising and partnerships (ex: Alaska Airlines plane ticket stub used to get tastings of wine at local wineries around the customer’s destination).

SB 5006: Allowing, in a limited amount, Washington wine to be sold at a craft brewery and Washington beer to be sold at a winery and satellite tasting rooms

This new law creates an on-premises endorsement for a licensed domestic winery to sell beer, produced in Washington, by the single serving for on-premises consumption and licensed domestic brewery or microbrewery to sell wine, produced in Washington, by the single serving for on-premises

The holder of the endorsement is limited to three offerings of beer for a domestic winery and three offerings of wine for a domestic brewery or microbrewery.